Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wow, this is sad!

That it has been nearly half a year since I've updated!

So much time, so much to report.

Well, said our farewells to Marijke in June.

Then summer came on full, fast, and furiously, with lots of heat and lots of swimming.

Dan built a great new playground for the kids.

He enlarged our backyard by moving the fence boundaries.

He moved a LOT of dirt - one of his most favorite things to do.

We went to Lake Michigan for a nice weekend. Moriah decided, as a result of this trip, that she will become a lawyer and work for Whirlpool, and live in Benton Harbor, Whirlpool's headquarters.

We acquired a Class A motorhome! For a great deal! WAY below book value. We did some updates and are attempting a "flip" - hoping to make a little money. Know anyone who wants to purchase an RV?

Haley and Moriah started high school.

Brooke is in 7th grade - mostly homeschool, but does 5 classes at the middle school: Advanced Math, Art, PE, Choir, Orchestra

Case began preschool.

I'm leading a women's Bible study, Covenant. It is one I did 12 years ago! It is fabulous!

I'm on Facebook more now, which apparently eats up more of my Blogging time than I realized!

Also, pictures are not uploading quickly here. They do, however, for FB. So...join today!

Happy Fall, y'all!