Friday, February 17, 2012


This week was crazy...crazy for Moriah.

On Monday, we went to her scheduled dentist appointment in Coralville, about an hour drive away. The intent was to have her temporary crown that she received in January 2009 after a root canal at Dr. Hansen's replaced with a permanant crown. After popping off the temporary crown, Dr Iben took some xrays and noticed something not quite right under the roots. So she called Dr Hansen to confer and he wanted to see Moriah. Well, in the meantime, over the next two days, Moriah began having a dull ache that gradually increased to a major ache, along with a low grade fever. Dr. Hansen saw her Thursday morning at 9:15, and took state-of-the-art xrays with a digital xray machine, and behold, he found a major "huge" hole under her tooth! He said he suspects that for the past three years bacteria had been graudually "eating" its way down there right down to the jawbone. And, Dr Iben might have just "stirred things up" on Monday. Well, after consultation, he suggested that tooth come out. So, by 10:30 we were across town at yet another dentist office! By noon, Moriah had had oral surgery done, complete with an IV drip.

She has several more appointments regarding this space in her mouth. She will have to see the orthodontist, and she will go back to the oral surgeon eventually to get an implant. The things these doctors can do.