Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Job

Well, I am officially a Muscatine School District employee...again!

Last spring, I was beginning to think in the next two years, I will need to find a job. We have three college-bound kids in a few years! :) So, ideally, when Case begins kindergarten.

However, an opportunity arose in April that a former co-worker urged me to apply for. Not one, but TWO elementary Talented & Gifted teaching jobs opened. One teacher was retiring and the other wanted a change of scenery and transferred to a 5th grade classroom.

I thought I was DONE with teaching, so I had let my license expire. *oops*

In the back on my mind, I had always thought, "the ONLY way I would EVER go back into education is if I had the opportunity to be a TAG teacher (aka GT specialist)."

So, I went up against a dozen other applicants, had an interview a couple weeks ago, and was offered the job. I asked for a few days to think before signing a contract, during which time I was able to arrange childcare and preschool enrollment, as well as really consider what I would be doing in going to work full time.

I made an appointment to sign my contract and "go over the terms" with the HR manager. I came to the meeting fully prepared to negotiate. Thankfully, I didn't have to! He started me out two years past where I thought I should be and gave me credit for the 46 hours past my BA. So, I am getting a much better salary than I thought!

My license is in the process of renewal, I took two short online classes to speed the process, and I have a year to show that I will take classes to complete the process.

Now, I need to earn my TAG endorsement, which I will be doing online through Morningside College. It is 12 credits, but all I need is 6 credits beyond that to earn a Master's! So...yep, gonna start my Master's program September 12th. One class per semester, two in the summer, one class fall 2013, one spring 2014 and I'll have a MA. I am, typing on my new school issued MacBook Air (!), feeling slightly overwhelmed, but also very excited to meet my new students! I will be at two schools, Mulberry and McKinley.

...and the ride begins!

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